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4 Unmissable Food Festivals Near and Far

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Satisfy your food travel cravings and book your ticket to one of these drool-inducing food festivals around the world.

  1. BVI Food Fete, British Virgin Islands - Each November the British Virgin Islands (BVI) host the annual BVI Food Fete, a month-long culinary celebration packed with savory events. Bringing event-goers savory menu from the top-notch BVI restaurants. The fun doesn’t stop at delicious food, BVI Food Fete offers a number of bar crawls for those looking to get their drank on.

  2. Cayman Cookout, Cayman Islands - Sprawled along Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, the Cayman Cookout is sure to feel like paradise to any foodie as they sample scrumptious creations paired with an oceanfront view. In addition to an endless array of tasty dishes, travelers can also attend a number of events including the popular Beach Bash where visitors embark on a journey to Stingray City for swimming, snorkeling and lunch at Rum Point.

  3. Oktoberfest, Germany- With pretzels as big as your head and an endless supply of beer, it’s no wonder Munich’s Oktoberfest makes this list. Always a party, Oktoberfest has 16 large tents and 22 small tents for music, drinking and of course, eating. Sample hearty German meals like grilled oxen and schnitzel or opt for vegetarian fare such as tasty veggie patties or cheese spaetzle. Top it off with something sweet: the Lebkuchenherz, the iconic gingerbread heart topped with sweet icing.

  4. Pizzafest, Italy - Thousands of pizza lovers visit Napoli for the annual Pizzafest, to try the best & most famous pizzas’. The Pizzafest’ popularity has grown over the years that some towns have now created similar initiatives, however, nothing can compared to Naples’ fair. Visitors can enjoy different varieties of Pizza, and there are different activities in the city all day/night long. The Pizzafest is celebrated for 11 days along a 30000 sqm territory in Naples, which is called Napoli Pizza Village.

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